Church History
The Oakley Baptist Church began in 1896 as a mission by the Reverend Graham Jordan under the supervision of Second Baptist Church.  Under the pastorate of the Reverend Frank Harrison, the second church building was constructed to meet the growing needs of the community.  The location was at the corner of South Oakley Avenue and Sheridan on the Hilltop.  The church still owns the original lot.
Always progressive, always open to the dictates of the Holy Spirit, the Oakley Family embraced the movement of the Full Gospel Baptist Church Fellowship in 1992.  This worship style, which is the return to the old, nothing new, is believed to be that of the traditional Black Baptist Church.
The church moved to its current location in 1998.  The facility has a 400-seat sanctuary, fellowship halls with a capacity of 150, office, nursery, nurses station as well as several classrooms.  The facility is presently appraised for slightly lower than $1 million.

Since 1917, Oakley Full Gospel Baptist Church has been blessed to have had six inspirational leaders of our congregation.

1917-1955-Reverend Jacob Ashburn, Jr.
1955-1984-Reverend Jacob Julian Ashburn
1985-2005-Bishop Andy C. Lewter, Jr.
2005-2007-Elder Virgil Starks
2008-2016-Dr. Jonathan J. McReynolds
2017          Bishop Herman D. Ware, Jr.
The Oakley Full Gospel Baptist Church is a God-Centered Church.    
As a house of Christian believers, we continue to witness and share our faith in God.  Just look from where the Lord has brought us!  We can truly say that we have come this far by faith.